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Its criminal that a singer a talented as Carol Laula doesn't feature in album reviews more often. The only thing that has stopped her is that she has never been given the opportunity to record an album and has been confined to receiving the sort of live reviews that so assuredly hint that an album is warranted. Until now that is, as Carol takes initiative and debuts with a collection of her very best songs entitled "Still". A formidable track list opens with "Bad Case Of You", the highlight of the NB music videos. This is followed by a couple of quieter moments but it doesn't take long to peak again with a Carol classic, "Gonna B.U.", an irresistible catchy funk number that never fails live and doesn't stop short on my CD.

The track that will hold you spellbound is an acoustic lament called "Stay With Me Angel". It is by far and away Carol's most accomplished piece to date and it's little wonder that from its powerful lyrics comes the name of the album. Thankfully Carol provides us with more of the same with a ballad gem "By The Minute".

Old favourites such as "Its True" and "Restless" would have been missed but my own favourite is the sturdy and heavy founded "Old Brick Wall" an insight into the pitfalls of the music industry that is very reminiscent of Alannah Myles's one and only hit, "Black Velvet".

Let's hope it's not a one off for Carol as this album just reinforces what most of us were aware of; for the uninitiated "Still" is a blindingly obvious statement that can no longer be ignored. You may wish to view Carol with closed eyes as you've always done but I credit you with more sense.

7.5 out of 8 - Album of the month review/M8 Magazine

precious little victories

Scots singer-singwriter extraordinaire, Carol Laula is adept at cutting through to the heart of the matter, usually armed only with a gee-tar and a hint of harmonica. She can rock out and fill all the multi-tracks when she has to: on numbers like the pounding 'Tragedy Waltz', her band show they are more than capable of holding their own. The forward looking 'Raincloud Court' is similarly energetic, this time in a Joan Armatrading Country mode, but ultimately it the quieter pieces in which Laula makes her mark and there are two fine examples here. The first 'Flowing With The River' is a bittersweet glance at a disintegrating relationship. The second is the soft, deadly 'Little Anthony' - an accurate portrait of the unwanted emotional cripples who are currently filling the Western world, backed by a wash of prairie blues harp.

Laula's latest victories are indeed precious - and they might even stop being little if anyone on daytime radio was brave enough to give them a spin.

October 1993

Ms Laula's charming and disarming voice takes many touching turns on her new album, looping off to atmospheric plateaux where words cannot do it justice. Lyrically, it's a bit less taut and vital, but overall Precious Little Victories is worth cherishing; it's big hearted and it's a bit of a winner too.

The Herald, October 1993