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Monday 6th February 2006

Scottish singer songwriter Carol Laula is pledging her support in the fight to save the Kelvingrove Park Bandstand.

The Paisley born artiste - who has just released her sixth album 'Kitchen Stories' - now lives in the vicinity of the park and is horrified by the way that the structure has been allowed to deteriorate over the years.

The Kelvingrove Park Bandstand is the only one left in Glasgow and has been given B-listed status by Historic Scotland due to it's 'cultural and social significance'.

An estimated £500,000 is needed to fully reinstate the construction that played host to bands and performers as recently as 1999.

Carol is the latest musician to add her name to a list that includes Franz Ferdinand, Belle & Sebastian and Teenage Fan Club, by saying that she'll happily devote her time and talent to raising awareness and money for the beleaguered bandstand.

It's not the first time that Carol has been supportive of it's plight. Several years ago she made attempts to get Glasgow City Council to address the issue of the local landmark before it fell into further disrepair.

She explains why she feels it's so important to restore the Kelvingrove Park Bandstand to it's former glory;

"The joy of playing at this kind of venue - out in the open air - is the ambience it creates for both the performer and the audience.

It's such a beautiful building in such a beautiful part of the world.

Surely Glasgow deserves better; anyone walking through the park - tourists and locals alike - deserves better.

Let's celebrate this building, not dilapidate!"

Ed Gillett from Friends of Kelvingrove Park is delighted that Carol has offered her assistance. He says;

"The fact that musicians like Carol are showing such strong interest in the bandstand and amphitheatre - before the restoration funding has even been assembled, and while the building is in it's current condition - gives great encouragement for the project.

In Scotland there are a number of considerably smaller towns and villages who are running bandstands, not to mention Glasgow's alleged rival Edinburgh.

Glasgow, as the largest city in Scotland, obviously has the capacity to manage its only public bandstand: it would make an excellent open-air venue for use as part of Glasgow's bid for the Commonwealth Games."

For further information about the Friends of Kelvingrove Park and the project
to restore the bandstand and amphitheatre, please log on to


Release Date: Monday 30th January 2006

Scottish singer / songwriter Carol Laula is cooking up a storm with the launch of her latest album, "Kitchen Stories".

Released on Monday 30th January 2006, "Kitchen Stories" is the sixth album by the talented, Paisley born performer.

Carol first captivated the media and her audience in 1990, when her independent single, "Standing Proud" was chosen to represent Glasgow in its year of culture.

Six albums later, she still stirs critics to describe her as "Scotland's leading singer-songwriter" and "an undeniably passionate and whole-hearted singer".

It's her ability to remain true to the raw gigging experience that has made her such an enduring performer and brought her such critical acclaim, along with numerous awards including 'Best Performer' at the 1995 Celtic Connections festival.

It's fair to say that "Kitchen Stories" is the album that has most accurately captured her incredible tone and clarity and allows you to truly appreciate the depth and range of her talent.

The making of the 11 track album took Carol from the Scottish Isles to the backstreets of South America where she uncovered tales to move even the hardest heart.

The recording of the album itself was a complete departure from the normal route through the studio, as Carol explains;

"With technology being what it is, I decided to take the bull by the horns and record the album myself in my home studio ... only ever a dream.

This allowed me an enormous confidence in the freedom of being able to do what I wanted, when I wanted.

I absolutely loved the experience of working with such amazing musicians in the comfort of my own home; plus, it also meant that I was never late for work!"



A Paisley born singer songwriter will be the sole representative for Scotland when she takes to the stage at this year's Pride London Festival.

Carol Laula has been chosen to fly the flag for Glasgay! and the Scottish music scene, when she plays on the final day of Pride London's "Festival Fortnight" at the Sound Theatre in Wardour Street, London on Saturday 2nd July 2005.

It's the first time that an artist north of the border has been asked to take such a high profile part in the festival and gives Laula a chance to perform some firm favourites, as well as showcasing songs from her forthcoming sixth album, "Kitchen Stories", which will be launched later this year.

It also gives the audience a chance to experience the talent and versatility of one of Scotland's leading singer songwriters and her unique raw gigging style, that has lead to her being compared to the likes of Joni Mitchell and Joan Armatrading.

Carol says;

"It's a privilege to be asked to play at Pride London, particularly after such a great show at last year's Glasgay! It gets my music out there to as many ears as possible. The more folk who hear it the better. It creates more chance of the focus being on the other Scottish talent there is around."

Now twinned with the Sydney Mardi Gras, Pride London is the country's largest event celebrating diversity and sexuality through a mix of theatre, opera, dance, music, film, visual arts and sport.

Steven Thomson, Producer of Glasgay! is delighted to be presenting Carol at London's Pride Arts Festival;

"Following her sell-out concert at last year's Glasgay! festival, Carol is back and I'm sure will be a big hit with fans old and new. Glasgay! is proud to support the development of its Scottish artists and Carol is a tireless musician, who not only tours regularly with her band, but passes on her skills through song writing workshops with young musicians. All that and more from a wee lassie from Paisley! "



Paisley born singer songwriter, Carol Laula is packing up her bag and her band and heading off to Iceland.

The Scottish singer has been asked to play two gigs as part of the country's Pride festival on Thursday 4th August and Friday 5th August 2005.

Not only will she perform her own show, but Carol will also play at the opening ceremony of the three day event in the Loftkastalinn Theater.

The gigs follow hot on the heels of a sell-out performance at London's Pride Festival, which she played at just last month.

As well as some firm favourites, Carol will be airing a few songs from her forthcoming album, "Kitchen Stories", which is due to be released later this year.

It'll be the first time that the talented singer songwriter has performed in Iceland and it came about in rather an unusual way, as she explains;

"Unbeknown to me, a fan in Iceland suggested to the organisers there that I play the Pride Festival.

Next thing you know, I've been asked to go over and play two gigs!

It'll be great to take my music to a new audience and because it's in August, it'll be light all through the night - magic!"


Laula Previews New Album to Home Audience
Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
Saturday 12th November 2005 - 8.00pm

One of Scotland's top singer songwriters is getting ready to take to the stage at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and preview their forthcoming album.

Paisley born Carol Laula is set to showcase her sixth album, "Kitchen Stories", in the Strathclyde Suite on Saturday 12th November 2005.

As well as previewing tracks that won't be released until January of next year, Carol will also perform some of her previously issued material to the 400 strong audience.

The event is the only one of it's kind that will give fans the exclusive chance to purchase and take home the album - two months before it's official launch.

"Kitchen Stories" has been a return to Carol's musical roots and saw her writing and recording the album at various locations, including the kitchen of her own home - hence the title.

She explains why she felt it was important to give fans a chance to hear and buy the album before it's official release.

"I've been doing this now for a hundred years and, if there are any fans who support me, its the home fans.

Why not give them a wee heads up as a small thanks for that support?

And, if they wish, an early Christmas present!"

The evening kicks off at 8pm and is part of this year's Glasgay! festival, which runs from 20th October to 20th November 2005.

Steven Thomson, producer of Glasgay! is thrilled that Carol has chosen the festival to showcase her latest work.

"I'm continually surprised and delighted by Carol's work."

The new album is a fascinating acoustic journey through the backstreets of Mexico to faraway shores of Lewis.

"Not bad for a wee lassie from Paisley!"